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Refurbished*** Law Enforcement TASER X2, TASER X26 and TASER M26
For Active Duty and Retired Law Enforcement Officers and Agencies
Call 702-617-3300 or Order Online:

Refurbished*** X26: $599.00           Refurbished*** M26: $399.95

That is approximately half the price of new - when you consider that everything is included.
All of our various Law Enforcement Model Electronic Weapons come with Duty Holster.
In the "Special Instructions Section" under the credit card section you may request:.
  • Black or Yellow. If not specified, we ship: Black TASER X26 or Black TASER M26.
  • Request Left or Right Hand Holster, otherwise we will ship a Right Hand Holster.
  • Yellow 15' Cartridge or Silver 21' Cartridge or Green 25' Cartridge upon request.
  • TASER X26 and M26 come with 1 Cartridge. Extra expired Cartridge upon request.
  • X26 Blade-Tech™ or Blackhawk™ Serpa or Safariland™ Right or Left Hand Holster.
  • M26 Right or Left Hand Nylon Duty Holster or Blade-Tech™ or Shoulder Holster.
  • Spare Cartridge Clip for the M26 or XDPM with Spare Clip for the X26 upon request.
  • If you don't need a Duty Holster, you may request a Carry Case or cartridge instead.
  • State your agency or department and your Badge or ID Number if shipping to agency.
  • Or DOB, Drivers License # and the Last 4 of SS # if shipping to any other address.
Please feel free to call 7 days with questions or to order by phone at 702-617-3300

You do not need to establish a profile when ordering. Just skip down to "checkout" and "directly to checkout". You can provide a 1st and 2nd choice. Not all types of holsters and cartridge cases are available at all times. We will ship your 2nd or 3rd choice if your 1st choice is not available. The included X26 DPM or XDPM have a guaranteed power level of a new battery which is good for 100 firings or 500 one second spark tests. You may call to confirm availability of your choices and these free extras.


Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee gives clients 30 days to exchange or return for a refund. All of our electronic weapons have the latest software** and they all carry our guarantees.


Should you have a problem during the first 90 days, we send a replacement the same or next business day when you provide the tracking number for return of the defective unit.


Should you experience a problem during the rest of the first year, return it for repair or replacement at no charge. Thereafter repairs typically average $100.00 plus parts.

Please call us at 702-617-3300 if you have any questions or to order by phone or to let us know if there is anything else we can do for you. We cater to all branches of United States law enforcement. Thank you for your order!

Government Law Enforcement Agencies can submit a Purchase Order to:
Email: or Fax your P.O. to: 610-241-7413
or Call 702-617-3300 to order.

We cater to U.S. law enforcement agencies, corrections institutions, peace officers, constables, deputies and other individual law enforcement officers, security officers and other licensed professionals and individuals as dictated by law. We sell and ship to all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin islands, but sell only TASER accessories to Massachusetts. We do not sell to Canada or anywhere else outside the USA. We confirm every order, and verify identity when shipped to a residence.
Accredited Financial Services, LLC is an Accredited Business Member of the Better Business Bureau since 2006                    
Tel: 702-617-3300
Fax: 610-241-7413
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"The Refurbished*** Law Enforcement TASER Supplier"

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Accredited Security™ is a Division of Accredited Financial Services, a Nevada Corporation. Accredited Financial Services has been a Member of the Southern Nevada Better Business Bureau since 2006. Accredited Security does not offer a warranty* on TASER CEWs through Axon, nor is warranty* on a purchased and refurbished*** TASER CEW offered or honored by Axon. TASER® is a registered trademark of Axon Enterprise, Inc. Accredited Security is not affiliated with Axon, and Axon does not sponsor or endorse Accredited Security or any of its products or services. Any use of the TASER® mark is for identification purposes only. *Axon does not offer or honor any warranty* on used TASER® energy weapons purchased through Accredited Security. **Axon has discontinued the X26 energy weapon and does not offer a firmware update beyond 2014. ***An energy weapon's internal electronics are sonically sealed by the manufacturer and cannot be refurbished***. Because these components wear out over time, which may increase the risk of failure in the field, Axon does not recommend use beyond their 5-year useful life. Accredited Security™ is the Trademark of Accredited Financial Services, LLC.

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